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Terms and Conditions

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    1. This contract applies to one single family residence per agreement.
    2. Upon enrollment and a 15-day waiting period, you are provided covered service for one year, which is payable in 12 monthly installments. If you are a customer of Palmetto Electric Cooperative, Inc., it will be included with your Palmetto Electric Cooperative bill. Unless either you or CHAMP cancels the contract in writing, it is automatically renewed for the next 12 months at the renewal price then effect.
    3. You can terminate the contract during the year if: (1) you move to a different dwelling, or (2) you desire to terminate the service and, in either situation, have filed no claims for service within the preceding 12 months. If you have had service during that time, you have the option of either paying the total remaining monthly payments or any bill assumed by CHAMP, whichever is smaller. If you move into another area served by CHAMP, you may take your contract with you. Your notice of cancellation must be written to CHAMP and is effective upon receipt by CHAMP. The address is CHAMP, P.O. Box 820, Ridgeland SC 29936.
    4. Appliances and other covered equipment must meet code requirements and be in full operating condition at the time program coverage begins.
    5. Neither CHAMP nor its contractors shall be responsible for charges for service or parts you have others provide.
    6. CHAMP reserves the right to restrict specific makes of equipment from eligibility due to non-availability of parts. The choice of parts to be used shall be CHAMP's.
    7. If CHAMP estimates the cost of a repair to be more than the value of your appliance in its current condition or if code violations exist, CHAMP may decline to make the repair. The Rebate Program gives you a credit on your Palmetto Electric Cooperative bill, up to $150 based on the age of the unit, toward the purchase of a new unit in the event the covered appliance needs to be replaced because the cost of servicing it exceeds its value. This credit will be applied after CHAMP receives a copy of the receipt for your replacement unit. Receipts may be mailed to:

      CHAMP Rebate Program  1-5 year old unit   $150
      MC R04
      2390 West Aviation Ave.
        5-10 year old unit  $100
      North Charleston, SC 29406  11 years or more $50

    8. If payments are missed or late, CHAMP may demand immediate payment of the entire amount you owe or immediate payment of cost of all services and parts provided to you less any payments made by you to CHAMP.
    9. Service request calls are taken 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Repair and maintenance services are provided Monday through Saturday during normal working hours, except for emergencies, which are responded to at any time.
    10. CHAMP may, at its option, use qualified local independent contractors to perform all or a portion of CHAMP covered services. Any additional or non-covered services performed at your request will be at your expense.
    11. Neither CHAMP nor its contractors will be responsible for direct damages, consequential damages (indirect losses or injuries), illness or injury caused by delays, failure to service, unavailability of parts, labor difficulties, and other conditions beyond their control.
    12. CHAMP reserves the right to terminate your membership and/or refuse service as to a specific appliance in the event you are in violation of the terms hereof or abusing the CHAMP program or the condition of the appliance(s) is in violation of applicable codes.
    13. You will be charged a service call fee on a subsequent monthly bill for each service call in the amount of ten dollars ($10) for appliance service calls and twenty-five dollars ($25) for heating/cooling service calls.


Services Not Covered
    1. Any part or labor needs arising from abuse, vandalism, fire, flooded basement, acts of nature, freezing, electric, gas, or water outages, or other abnormal conditions.
    2. Appliance installation, disconnection, household plumbing, and inspection are not covered.
    3. Any appliance, part, material or condition not listed on the coverage sheet is not covered.
    4. Any manufacturer design flaw or defect.