SOME MEMORIES just stick with you. I clearly recall the day back in 1969 when I attended the first Heritage. I was with my father, Archie Davis. He worked for Palmetto Electric, too. I remember Daddy parking his vehicle at a then new co-op substation at Sea Pines. At that time, there were no condos or Sea Pines Center in the area. Sea Pines was not yet developed, although, with co-op power in place, it was soon on its way. I was about 10 at the time, and I clearly remember the walk from the substation to the links: There was nothing but sand and native vegetation underfoot.

I already had a little golf experience under my belt. Daddy and his brother, Bernard Davis, were part of a group of Ridgeland residents who had helped establish the Sgt. Jasper Country Club there in the early to mid-’60s. In fact, I “helped” Daddy and Uncle Bernard with the hole they were assigned to build, the third hole. (Yes, different people built different holes!) Actually, I just rode on the tractor as they graded the fairway with a root rake. Being about 5 or 6, I wasn’t big enough to do much more than ride.

The little nine-hole course, with its nice clubhouse—and very nice pool!—was a babysitter for kids like me during the summers. Mama would drop me off at Sgt. Jasper on her way to work and pick me up at the end of the day.

So, it was a thrill, a few years later, to attend the first Heritage. Daddy and I watched the action on the second hole. Arnold Palmer won that year. Golf’s first superstar not only made the game more popular around the world, The King also put the Heritage on the map.

This year marks the tournament’s 50th year. Now the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing, it remains South Carolina’s only PGA Tour event. Over the last half-century, I don’t recall missing a Heritage. I’ve always managed to take in at least a day of the action each year.

I’ve proudly followed in my father’s footsteps, as I literally did back in 1969 across that sandy stretch, to work for the members of Palmetto Electric, too. He’d probably be proud that his co-op has played a role in promoting the RBC Heritage–and in making the tournament, and our service area, literally a greener place. Not that there’s anything wrong with sand, mind you, but we like being “green” as in environmentally friendly.

While the 2018 RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing celebrates its 50th year, this year also marks its 10th year as a certified Green Power event. Along with Santee Cooper, Palmetto Electric has worked with tournament organizers to offset the power used at the event by purchasing an equivalent amount of certified Green Power, generated from renewable resources. The support of the RBC Heritage and others here has made Palmetto Electric a pacesetter in Green Power sales in South Carolina. Thank you, RBC Heritage, and thanks to all Green Power supporters, as well!

Congratulations to the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing on 50 outstanding years! I look forward to making more Harbour Town memories a part of my co-op heritage.

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