WAY COOL!  More than 26,150 members of electric cooperatives around South Carolina have signed up to help their co-ops Beat the Peak and reduce power costs for everyone.

Now, Palmetto Electric and the 17 other S.C. cooperatives that launched Beat the Peak in 2016 have a new goal—to reach 35,000 subscriptions in 2019.  A free and voluntary effort designed to help control energy costs for all members, Beat the Peak currently has more than 650 Palmetto Electric members.  These members receive alerts asking them to reduce their energy use during critical periods when wholesale electricity prices spike, known in the utility industry as “peak demand.”

While the rates members pay for co-op power are fixed, their co-op may face higher costs for electricity purchased during peak-use times—costs ultimately shared by all members.  Beat the Peak can lower peak power costs and delay the need for new power plants, co-op officials say.

Palmetto Electric and other cooperatives developed Beat the Peak.  The cooperatives collaborate on programs designed to help control costs and promote wise energy use by members. Current initiatives include water-heater load control programs, dual-fuel heat pump programs, energy audits and demand management for commercial and industrial accounts.

To sign up, visit BeatThePeak.com. For program details, visit EnergySmartSC.org.

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