Photo of a lineman in the bucket making repairs on a powerline.
The nation’s electric cooperatives will honor line workers April 11.

America’s electric cooperatives next week will recognize the services of the men and women who work to keep the lights on every day. Co-ops have designated the second Monday in April as National Lineman Appreciation Day.

“Being a line worker at a service-minded electric cooperative is a rewarding career,” says Denny Lynn, a veteran lineman who is vice president of energy delivery at York Electric. “Even when our commitment to provide excellent service means a disruption to their personal and family lives, linemen typically love what they do.”

Electric co-ops employ more than 19,000 lineworkers nationwide, powering the homes and businesses of co-op consumers through rain, sleet, snow and ice.

At Newberry Electric, a message the co-op posted on their Facebook page thanked linemen “for being there for our members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!”

When a disaster strikes a neighboring state, co-op linemen are often called upon to provide that same level of service and commitment in places far from home.

“Our linemen have a tremendous spirit of cooperation and commitment,” says Todd Carter, vice president of loss control and training for ECSC. Carter, who coordinates storm restoration during significant widespread outages, says crews are always willing to leave the comfort of home to help other co-ops in need.

“In those times, you leave the truck yard, and you’re not entirely sure when you’re coming home. All you know is you won’t be back until the job is done. That’s what linemen do,” says Cater.

“We work on damages and outages in all sorts of weather at all times of the day and night,” says Lynn. “But as the saying goes, ‘No matter the hour, we must bring the power.'”


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