Since its inception 78 years ago, Palmetto Electric has improved the quality of life in the communities we serve.
Reliable, affordable electricity is, after all, the proverbial “rising tide that lifts all boats.”

And, since we’re all in the boat together, it makes sense for Palmetto to support the United Way of the Lowcountry (UWL). Your co-op and its employees have once again made a significant contribution to the UWL Annual Campaign. Proving that we Live United, as the United Way slogan goes, we increased our overall gift by two percent this year, contributing more than $34,000 to the 2017-18 campaign.

As a cooperative–meaning you, the members of Palmetto Electric and us, the employees of your co-op–we all help ourselves when we help the UWL. The UWL believes that everyone is entitled to basic needs, a quality education, a family-sustaining income and good health–that is, a good quality of life. Visit to learn other ways you can help the UWL meet its goal to raise $2.53 million.

This time each year we also report on another way the cooperative way benefits our community. Below is the annual report from the volunteer Palmetto Electric Trust (PET) board, which administers Palmetto Electric’s Operation Round Up program. As you can see, the trust gave more than $513,000 in local grants last year.

Impressively, that sum came from relatively small donations–approximately $6 per year, per member–from participating Operation Round Up members. Yes, small change can make a big difference.

Thanks to those who support Operation Round Up and thanks, too, to the United Way of the Lowcountry for supporting a stronger community.

Palmetto Electric Trust (PET) Grants awarded in 2017.

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