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Committed to staying safe

ELECTRICITY PLAYS A necessary role in almost every part of our lives, making it vitally important for us to use it safely. May is National Electrical Safety Month and a great time to raise awareness on how to avoid potential hazards.

At Palmetto Electric Cooperative, keeping our employees and community safe around electricity is a top priority.  We strive to deliver safe, affordable and reliable electricity to our members, and to return our employees home safely to their loved ones each day. In order to do this, we must remain focused, dedicated and committed to high safety standards.

Working with electricity is a dangerous job, so we have implemented numerous initiatives to create a culture of safety here at the cooperative. Employees participate in monthly safety meetings and report “near-misses,” allowing us to identify possible safety concerns before they become a problem. Our linemen and crew members are outfitted with personal protective equipment (PPE) and hold pre-job briefings before beginning each job. Every three years, the cooperative participates in the Rural Electric Safety Achievement Program, where we are evaluated on our safety measures.  In 2019, we were named a winner of the President’s Safety Contest for our extraordinary efforts in the prevention of injuries and related loss.

Because we live in the communities we serve, we also know the importance of educating our neighbors on how to stay safe around electricity. Our website,, and social media channels offer tips and information that will help protect you and your family against the risks of electricity. Some tips include:

  • Check cords for fraying or cracking.
  • Keep electric appliances away from water.
  • Never put anything other than an electrical plug in an outlet.
  • Call 811 before digging to locate any underground utility lines.
  • Stay away from downed power lines!

Electrical injuries can happen to anyone, regardless of age, making it important to educate children, as well as adults, about how electricity works, and  the dangers associated with it. Palmetto Electric employees have made frequent presentations to students in local schools and summer camps, including our very own Safety Days summer program.  Because of COVID restrictions, the program was moved to an online format in 2020 but is still available for viewing online, here at

This May, I hope you will join us in focusing our efforts on staying safe around electricity. By being aware, we can all play a part in preventing electrical hazards and injuries in the future

A thank you to legislators

THERE ARE A lot of people that contribute to serving the members of Palmetto Electric Cooperative. In the past and especially over the last two years, our cooperative has benefitted significantly from our local legislators in Columbia and those representing us in Washington, D.C. They understand our mission to provide competitively priced, reliable energy andContinue Reading

New normal, new Annual Meeting

For the past eighty years, Palmetto Electric members have come together for the cooperative’s Annual Meeting.  It is the most important event for our cooperative each year—a time for members, employees and cooperative leadership to gather and discuss the business of our cooperative. As you already know, this year’s Annual Meeting was postponed due toContinue Reading

The power to make a difference

SUMMERTIME IS officially here. Normally, by this time of year, our beautiful piece of South Carolina’s Lowcountry has been bustling with tourists for months. However, this year has looked a bit different due to COVID-19. In the spring, businesses throughout our service area were forced to close due to COVID-19 restrictions, leading many laid offContinue Reading

To the factor of cooperation

1 great idea x 30 years x 327 co-ops nationwide Let’s call it the Co-op Multiplication Factor. That’s when you take one great idea, multiply it by 327 electric cooperatives and carry the benefits forward for 30 years. In 1989, Palmetto Electric had a bright idea, Operation Round Up. The brainchild of my predecessor, formerContinue Reading

Powering our communities

I AM PROUD that Palmetto Electric Cooperative has taken an active, leadership role in fostering economic development and progress for Beaufort, Hampton and Jasper counties. We work together and even serve as representatives to our regional and local economic development organizations, as well as statewide groups like the SC Power Team and the State DepartmentContinue Reading


Helping you stay safe before, during and after the storm LIVING IN THE LOWCOUNTRY, we know that dangerous storms can occur at any time, especially during hurricane season. As we head into the heart of the 2019 hurricane season, you can take comfort in knowing that Palmetto Electric is hoping for the best, but alwaysContinue Reading


CHANGE COMES whether we are ready or not. Sometimes we’re given a little time to adjust.  Other times we just have to make do as we work through unexpected challenges. Lately, your co-op’s leadership has been dealing with both situations. One of our long-time directors, Jimmie D. McMillan of Hampton County, in June announced hisContinue Reading


BECAUSE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVES are owned by their members, we strive to be a vital part of the communities we serve.   Concern for Community is one of the Seven Cooperative Principles that we take very seriously here at Palmetto Electric. Because of our members’ generosity, we are able to show our concern for community through programsContinue Reading


THANK YOU to the 3,989 members who braved the weather and attended our Annual Meeting, Saturday, May 4 at our Ridgeland office.  It is always my pleasure to visit with you and discuss the current condition of your cooperative.  Accountability and the cooperative difference was the resounding theme of this year’s meeting.  If you weren’tContinue Reading