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YOUR VOICE WAS HEARD! Thanks for standing with us to keep power affordable…The overwhelming involvement of our members through our SCTellEPA campaign has shown our government that we are watching.

THE PRICE OF ENERGY is vitally important to our quality of life. As electric cooperatives, we have been fighting in Washington D.C. to keep energy affordable for several years. The overwhelming involvement of our members through our SCTellEPA campaign has shown our government that we are watching. We gave them our opinions and sent themContinue Reading

REGULATION WILL IMPACT YOUR CO-OP – The newest water regulation from Washington, D.C. tramples local control and adds Bureaucratic headaches to maintaining the electric distribution and transmission network.

IN MAY, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) finalized a water regulation that removes power and responsibility from local officials and relocates it to Washington, D.C. It’s called “WOTUS,” standing for “waters of the U.S.,” and defines what is subject to federal regulation under the federal Clean WaterContinue Reading

Grade-A commitment

G. Thomas Upshaw | President & CEO The Washington Youth Tour and Bright Ideas are grade-A examples of Palmetto Electric Cooperative’s commitment to education and the community. The three fine young citizens pictured below on Capitol Hill give us confidence in a bright future for America. Part of the credit goes to their teachers, whoContinue Reading

Two great programs that work great together

G. Thomas Upshaw | President & CEO IF YOU’VE BEEN AROUND since the 1970s or ’80s, you may remember some classic commercials for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. A guy eating chocolate collides with another fellow eating peanut butter. “You got your peanut butter on my chocolate!” he says. The second guy replies, “You got yourContinue Reading

Legislators help us look out for you

G. Thomas Upshaw | President & CEO A new year brings a new session of the S.C. General Assembly and, with it, a chance to thank our local legislators for their support of Palmetto Electric Cooperative. They help Palmetto Electric save our members money and continue to provide the most reliable service possible. Our legislativeContinue Reading

Solar project brightens S.C. power picture

G. Thomas Upshaw | President & CEO We’ve long taken an “all of the above” position when it comes to power generation. We recognize that, as the electricity industry is now structured, there are three primary means of producing base-load power—coal, nuclear, and natural gas. Renewables also play a part in the energy mix. TheContinue Reading

Between the lines

Spring cleaning’ delivers safe, reliable power G. Thomas Upshaw | President & CEO SPRING GIVES US a chance to thaw out after a chilly winter. Most of us take advantage of longer daylight hours by doing a little spring cleaning and yard work. Similarly, to protect our lines and keep power flowing safely to yourContinue Reading