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Member, beware

Member, beware Scammers continue to target electric co-op members A. Berl Davis, Jr. | President & CEO Posted September 2, 2014 Posing as representatives of Palmetto Electric, criminals have recently attempted to scam co-op members by calling to demand immediate payment of electric bills with reloadable debit cards. Members are told their bill is pastContinue Reading

Four values we admire in football

A. Berl Davis, Jr. | President & CEO Posted August 1, 2014 “People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses or the problems of modern society,” Vince Lombardi once said. The great NFL coach recognized that it’s teamwork — cooperation, if you will — that gets you over the goalContinue Reading

Celebrating co-op independence

G. Thomas Upshaw | President & CEO ON JULY 4 we celebrated our nation’s independence. In the midst of apple pies and hot dogs, fireworks shows and parades, I can’t help but think about the independent streak that inspired groups of farmers around America’s countryside to band together and improve their quality of life. AsideContinue Reading

A family tradition

Thanks for this opportunity to continue to serve our communities A. Berl Davis, Jr. | President & CEO Posted July 1, 2014 Thank you, Palmetto Electric Cooperative members, for the opportunity to serve you. As the new CEO, it is indeed a privilege to have this chance to meet and exceed your expectations. You haveContinue Reading

Thanks by the thousands — plus $1.5 million

G. Thomas Upshaw | President & CEO THREE THOUSAND THANK-YOU’S — 3,809 to be precise—to the Palmetto Electric members who attended our Annual Meeting May 4. Mind you, that’s just the number of members we registered in attendance. We also enjoyed seeing their family members, all part of our extended co-op family. For those whoContinue Reading

Stand with us to keep power affordable

G. Thomas Upshaw | President & CEO We get a common request during our conversations with members—”Can you lower my power bill?” It’s often said with a wry smile, but we still try to help by providing useful advice on energy use, like advising members on how to better insulate their homes and how toContinue Reading

Not ‘goodbye’ but a fond ‘farewell’

G. Thomas Upshaw | President & CEO It was great to see the 4,392 members who attended our 2014 Annual Meeting May 3, but it was also a little sad for me, just as it is bittersweet to address you here one last time. I’ll retire June 30, leaving day-to-day management of your co-op inContinue Reading