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SC Stay Plus: COVID-19 Housing Assistance

SC Stay Plus, a state of South Carolina rent and utility assistance program for renters financially impacted by COVID-19, is now open for applications. Visit the SC Housing website to confirm your eligibility and submit your application.

  • The SC Stay Plus program is a rent and utility assistance program from SC Housing. It provides up to 12 months of rent and/or utility assistance dating back to March 13, 2020. Some applicants may be eligible for up to 3 months to future rent payments to help maintain housing stability.
  • The program is currently available to residents in 39 counties across the state. Anderson, Berkeley, Charleston, Greenville, Horry, Richland, and Spartanburg are running their rent and utility assistance programs. Visit the SC Housing website for more details.
  • To complete your SC Stay Plus application, you will also need to upload some pieces of documentation to confirm your eligibility for the program. Uploading your documents at the time of submission is essential to expediting the review of your application.
  • SC Stay Plus is designed to help renter households where one or more individuals experienced one of the following life events since March 2020: faced financial hardship or qualified for unemployment, can demonstrate a risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability, and has a household income at or below 80% of the Area Median Income.

Program Details

  • I currently live outside of the 39 counties but need rental assistance. What can I do? SC Stay Plus is currently open to eligible applicants in 39 counites. If you don’t see your county on the list, your area is likely running their own Emergency Rental Assistance program. Click here for details on these programs.
  • How much financial support can I get? The SC Stay Plus program is designed to provide up to 12 months of unpaid back rent AND utilities for renters financially impacted by COVID-19. Some applicants may also qualify for up to 3 months of future rent assistance to maintain housing stability.
  • How long will it take for me to receive program funds? After your application has been reviewed and approved, you can expect payment within 30 days. The review process can take up to 30 days. We encourage you to ensure that your application is complete at submission to get an approval decision as quickly as possible.
  • Does my landlord need to be involved? Landlord participation is strongly encouraged. Please complete/submit your application and email us for additional assistance. Landlord participation will help you receive funding faster.
  • What options are available to me if my landlord refuses to participate? Reasonable efforts will be made to encourage participation; however, if your landlord continues to refuse, please contact the SC Stay Plus call center for further assistance.
  • Can landlords refer tenant(s) who need help? Landlords can complete the Landlord Referral Form on the applicant portal. However, the tenant will need to submit an application in order to be considered for funding.
  • Who do the SC Stay Plus funds go to? The program pays back rent directly to your landlord.
  • Where can I see if my income qualifies for the SC Stay Plus program? The program is designed for people whose household income is at or below 80% Area Median Income (AMI). Priority will be given to households with an income at or below 50% AMI. Click here to see AMI by county.

Application Support

  • Having trouble uploading documents to the application? Send them in via email in individual batches at Be sure to reference your application ID number.
  • Are foreign passports an acceptable form of identification? Yes, foreign passports are acceptable.
  • What if my ID has expired? Identification forms that have expired after March 13, 2020 are still acceptable.
  • I recently got denied, and I’m not sure why. What are my options? You can appeal your application decision by contacting the SC Stay Plus representative reviewing your case or by emailing us directly at
  • I did not have all the required documents at the time of completing my application. Can I come back and upload them? Applicants are given an opportunity to upload their documents after they complete the application form. However, adding these documents as quickly as possible is critical to expediting the review process.


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