Community Connections

Communities are part of our electric co-op. Your co-op employees are also your neighbors. That’s why Palmetto Electric emphasizes community programs.

Currently 278 cooperatives have signed up to participate in the Operation Round Up® program. This program was created and implemented at Palmetto Electric Cooperative. As more co-ops offer the Operation Round Up program to their members, money is being provided to worthy causes all over the country.

We take an active role in protecting our beautiful landscape. On the environmental front, we support programs like Lights Out for Sea Turtles, and Give Oil for Energy Recovery (GOFER®). We also expanded our energy management programs H20 Select® and Touchstone Energy Home®.

Programs like this are prime examples of a Touchstone Energy Cooperative’s commitment to its community.

Operation Round Up – Operation Round Up has been an incredibly successful way in which we have been able to help the less fortunate in our community.
Environmental Programs – Palmetto Electric Cooperative sponsors and supports several programs that are designed to protect and preserve our environment.
Green Power. – Palmetto Electric, in conjunction with Santee Cooper, is giving you the chance to sign up for South Carolina’s first source of renewable power generation.
GOFER – The Give Oil For Energy Recovery (GOFER) program is a cooperative effort with Santee Cooper to promote environmental protection.