Energy Efficiency Tips – Dog Days of August

The summer has flown by, but we still have quite a few weeks of hot weather left before we feel the relief of autumn. Cooling your home is a large part of your monthly energy use and can yield significant savings by doing just a few things:

Changing filter in your hvac system.

1) Air Filter: Purchase a jumbo pack of new HVAC air filters and replace your old filters monthly. Remove anything that may be blocking the return air grill, including dust build-up. Having maximum air flow will make your home more comfortable and increase efficiency.

2) Direct Sunlight: We can recall the difference in returning to a car that was parked in the sun as opposed to the shade. The same is true when sun pours into your home through the windows. Shades, blinds and drapes are a great way to block the radiant heat that is a result of direct sunlight and help your cooling system do it’s job. Landscaping can also be used on the south side of the home to block direct sunlight from entering the home.

3) Air Infiltration: Gaps around exterior doors and old seals can allow heat to enter your home. Although the gaps may be small, the continual infiltration can make a big difference. Door sweeps and fresh seals can block air penetration and keep your home cooler.

More energy-saving measures.