Why does my electric bill vary so much from month to month?

When a bill amount is higher than usual, naturally it arouses your curiosity. Electrical costs will vary with seasonal use — more electricity is used during the summer and winter than in the fall and spring. Increased electrical usage will fluctuate due to air conditioners, fans, dehumidifiers, hot water heating, home heating, and home entertaining during the holidays.
Weather plays an important role in your monthly bill. Seasonal heating or cooling your home as well as snow, sun, wind and other weather related factors affect your billing costs. Have your heating and cooling systems periodically checked by a certified technician to ensure they are properly working. Malfunctioning systems can cause noticeable changes to your electric bill.

We use a cycle system to efficiently read meters throughout our territory about the same date each month. After we read your meter we bill your account a few days later. This schedule allows us to deal with severe weather or unforeseen events that may affect our meter reading. With the possibility of fluctuating read dates, it is best to choose a payment date about a week later than your normal bill date. If the energy usage is greater than normal, check your bills for days of service.