Category: Facility Charge

Which rates are not being charged a facility charge?

The following rates do not include a facility charge: Rates 6(large commercial) and 70(caution light), 71(traffic light), 72(residential lighting) 73(commercial lighting) and 74(Champ only). All other rates will have a $1 increase in the facility charge.

Why increase the facility charge now?

Based on the 2008 cost of service rate study it was suggested that our facility charge increase significantly more than the $8 we were charging at the time. We chose to phase in the increase. We increased from $8 to $12 in 2008, to $16 in 2012, and now to $17. This change results inContinue Reading

Why are the monthly facilities charges changing?

The facilities charges are changing to more fairly recover the fixed costs of delivering electricity to members. This change will not completely recover these costs, but it is a move toward a fairer recovering of fixed costs. Palmetto’s fixed costs include equipment, such as poles, transformers, metering equipment, substation and other “hardware”. The fixed costsContinue Reading

What is the monthly facility charge?

The facility charge is designed to recover Palmetto’s fixed costs which are costs Palmetto incurs regardless of an individual customer’s electric consumption. They are the costs of having a customer connected to the system even if the customer does not consume any electric power during the month. The fixed costs this charge is designed toContinue Reading