Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up for automatic payment on My Energy Online?

Yes, have your bill automatically deducted from your checking/savings account or credit card each month. Choose between Auto Pay, where you choose the payment date, or Bank Draft, where your account is automatically drafted on either one of two pre-selected dates by the Cooperative.

If you have already registered on My Energy Online then you can sign up for either Auto Pay or Bank Draft within the portal. If you have yet to register your account within My Energy Online you need to contact us at 1-800-922-5551 to receive your password to access the customer service portal.

I have three account numbers. Can I access all of my accounts that have the same member number?

Yes, just put in your member number and password and you will be able to access all of your accounts that contain that member number.

Can another family member access my member number online?

If you give access to your member number and password, they will be able to access your account.

Can I associate different member numbers with my account?

No, not at this time. Each member will have to access My Energy Online with hi/hers member number; however, you may use the same password. Each member will be given a password for his account. Once you log into the e-payment system you will be able to change your password.

Where do I find the security code for my credit card?

Visa/Mastercard and Discover Users

    • – Flip your card over and look at the signature box. You should see either the entire 16-digit credit card number or just the last four digits followed by a special 3-digit code. This 3-digit code is your Card Security Code.


American Express Credit Card Users

    • – Look for the 4-digit code printed on the front of your card just above and to the right of your main credit card number. This 4-digit code is your Card Security Code.


What type of payments can I use with My Energy Online?

A customer can use eCheck, credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), or Bank Draft which is drafted from a checking or savings account.

How can I sign up for My Energy Online?

Call our Contact Center, Monday – Friday between 8am – 5pm, or e-mail customer service to signup. You will receive your account number and password to access our online E-Payment program.

Hilton Head 843-681-5551
New River 843-208-5551
Ridgeland 843-726-5551
Hampton 803-943-2211
or 1-800-922-5551

Why haven’t I received e-payment notification?

If you are not receiving your e-payment notification e-mail, this may be due to stricter security settings being inplemented by e-mail service providers and e-mail client programs.

Many e-mail programs (Hargray’s-Postini, Outlook, Outlook Express, AOL, GroupWise, Lotus Notes, Eudora, etc.) have flexible security settings and filters. These options may be adjusted so that e-mail from specific addresses is allowed through – such as e-mail from Palmetto Electric’s E-payment address, If you believe e-mail from this address is being blocked, please see the “Help” section of your e-mail program to determine how to change your settings.

If this does not alleviate your problem, please check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your ISP may have instituted system-wide restrictions that are not allowing e-mail from this address through.

Can I use a different pdf viewer than Adobe Reader to view my bill?

No, currently Adobe Reader is the only pdf viewer than can access the bill file.
Click the Adobe Reader icon to download the free viewer.