Grade-A commitment


G. Thomas Upshaw | President & CEO

The Washington Youth Tour and Bright Ideas are grade-A examples of Palmetto Electric Cooperative’s commitment to education and the community. The three fine young citizens pictured below on Capitol Hill give us confidence in a bright future for America. Part of the credit goes to their teachers, who molded their energy and talent into future community and co-op leaders.

Terri Stansfield has won several Bright Ideas grants. “We love having the Bright Ideas Grant Patrol come!” she says. “That big cardboard check takes a place of honor in the classroom—all year long.”

Bright Ideas is our way of supporting local educators by rewarding teachers who submit the most innovative classroom projects. Last November we awarded $34,160 in grants to educators in Beaufort, Jasper and Hampton counties.

Teachers, don’t miss out: The application deadline for our 10th annual Bright Ideas grant competition is September 6. You still have time—a little anyway.

So think fast, like Terri Stansfield, a science and math teacher at Hampton Elementary School who has won several grants, including last year’s fittingly titled project, “Now That’s a Bright Idea!” Terri usually enters early but last year? Well, not so much. “Actually, it was like, ‘Fax that bad boy in, please!'” she jokes.

It paid off. Terri used her 2012 grant to buy a special paint that turns school walls into whiteboards, aiming to unleash student creativity and spontaneity. “Anything that you can do to help them connect,” she says. To connect with the details about Bright Ideas, click here.

Representing Palmetto Electric on this year’s Washington Youth Tour were Hilton Head Island High School seniors Evan Reier (left), son of Heather Reier, and Kara Klein, daughter of Nathan and Karen Klein, and Wade Hampton High School senior Joseph Wilson, son of Kevin and Rhonda Wilson.

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