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Palmetto Electric and Santee Cooper are working to build South Carolina’s supply of renewable energy sources. As with any new undertaking, converting renewable resources into electricity initially costs more than the traditional energy sources. And your contribution can make a big difference in our efforts to protect South Carolina’s environment.

We all want the healthiest environment possible now and in the future, but often it’s hard to know how we can make a difference. Now you can. Join the others who have signed up to provide a greener South Carolina – it’s in your power!

LouieGreen_sm Participation Levels

Commercial customers can purchase an unlimited amount of Green Power blocks. Each block of 200 kiloWatt hours will add an extra $6 to your monthly electric bill.

You may sign-up for as many blocks as you would like.

$6 per month for 1 Block (200kwh),
$12 per month for 2 Blocks (400kwh),
$18 per month for 3 Blocks (600kwh)

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ALL revenues from every block of Green Power you buy will be reinvested into future developments of additional renewable resources or Green Power facilities.

Yes, I believe the growth of Green Power from Santee Cooper and Palmetto Electric will be good for the environment in South Carolina for generations to come.

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Contact your local Palmetto Electric Office

Call 1.800.922.5551 ext. 8207

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