Green Power FAQ

A Few Commonly asked Questions

How Do I Enroll?

Enrolling is easy: Just call or visit your nearest Palmetto Electric Cooperative customer service office or sign up here.

How does renewable energy differ from other energy sources?

Today, most electricity comes from limited generation resources. Renewable resources, such as the sun, wind, and decomposing garbage, provide a regenerating fuel source for electricity. Using renewable resources to produce electricity will help reduce the need to use conventional generators powered by limited generation resources.

How does the Green Power Program help improve the environment?

Renewable resources produce little or no air pollution or waste. Better yet, some of them actually reduce air pollution and benefit the environment. At full capacity, the 14.2 megawatts reduces methane emissions from the landfills. This is equivalent to planting more than 17,800 acres of trees.

How much will my participation in the Green Power Program cost?

Your cost will vary depending on what option you select and will be added to your monthly electric bill.Your participation will show on your electric bill within one or two months.

If I purchase Green Power, will I notice a difference in my electric service?

No. You will not notice any difference in your electric service when you sign up for the Green Power Program. The renewable energy purchased by participants will be pooled with energy from conventional sources and will be delivered through the same power lines.

What is Green Power?

Green power is electricity generated by sustainable resources such as solar, wind, and even decomposing garbage in selected landfills. In all cases, green power minimizes harm to the environment. In using the methane emitted by decomposing garbage as fuel for generating power, we can significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gas that otherwise would go into the atmosphere.

Where does the electricity for the Green Power Program come from?

The renewable energy source is methane gas produced at the Horry County Solid Waste Authority Landfill, the Lee County Landfill SC, LLC, and the Richland County Landfill. The methane gas from the decomposing garbage produces 14.2 megawatts of electricity.

Where will my money go?

All revenue from Green Power premiums will be reinvested in future development of additional renewable resources or facilities.

Why does renewable energy cost more?

Facilities that use renewable resources to generate electricity are currently expensive to build and operate. Increased customer demand by people like you for renewable energy will lead to further development of renewable technologies.

Why is Palmetto Electric offering this program to its members?

Palmetto Electric Cooperative and Santee Cooper are working together on the Green Power Program in response to increased customer interest in renewable energy and concern for the environment. By taking this initial step to meet and encourage the growing demand for renewable energy, we can help reduce reliance solely on limited generation resources while improving and preserving the environment for future generations.