HELPING MEMBERS SAVE BIG MONEY – PEC members have saved $2,130,450 on prescription drugs since 2009, when we introduced the Co-op Connections Card.

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A. Berl Davis, Jr.  President & CEO

NEW FIGURES for 2014 show just how valuable the Co-op Connections discount card is for members of Palmetto Electric and other Touchstone Energy Cooperatives in South Carolina.

Members of participating co-ops around the Palmetto State have saved $14,434,367 on prescription drug costs through 2014, according to a report from Touchstone Energy, the alliance of more than 750 independent, consumer-owned co-ops nationwide.

Palmetto Electric is a national leader in the Co-op Connections program. We rank fourth in the nation in prescription drug savings by members. That’s among 500 Touchstone Energy co-ops that participate in Co-op Connections. In fact, we recently reached a milestone in member benefits: Palmetto Electric Cooperative members have now saved more than $2 million on prescriptions, our friends at Touchstone Energy tell us. To be exact, Palmetto Electric’s members have saved more than $2,130,450 on prescriptions since 2009, when we introduced Co-op Connections.

In 2014, Palmetto members saved 43.2 percent of the cost of 22,412 prescriptions. Participating pharmacies are located throughout our service area: You can find more than 50 local pharmacies by using the Locate Providers feature at, just a click on the Co-op Connections’ Card at

Prescription savings is just one of the Co-op Connections card’s Healthy Savings Discounts. Palmetto members can also save on labwork and imaging, dental care, chiropractic and eye care. Currently, more than 130 providers within 50 miles of Ridgeland offer these Healthy Savings Discounts, as the Locate Providers search feature reveals.

Speaking of searching: Are you looking for your Co-op Connections card now? No problem if you can’t put your hands on it. Just go to Connections. coop to print a new one. Enjoy the savings!



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