Heroes beneath the helmets: Celebrating Lineman Appreciation Month

WHEN YOU HEAR the word hero, what comes to mind?  Now, I’m not talking about those high-flying heroes you see in the movies, but a real-life person who inspires you because of their courage and strength in the face of adversity.  For me, lineworkers are always at the top of the list.  

Lineworkers are vital to the success of America’s electric cooperatives.  They are the first responders in the wake of storms and other disasters, and often work in dangerous and difficult conditions to provide reliable and safe power to our members. 

Lineworkers can be called to work at any hour of the day, often in hazardous conditions.  When we are at work or at home, relying on electricity to get through our day, they are working behind the scenes to keep the lights on.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a hero is a figure of great strength who is admired for achievements and qualities.  To me, the linemen of Palmetto Electric Cooperative certainly fit this description.

Whether they are working to restore power to our members after a storm, helping a sister cooperative in need, or speaking to local students at a career fair, our linemen always perform with professionalism and dedication to the job.

Not only are they skilled professionals in their trade, but also loyal members of our community.  They display Palmetto Electric’s core values of Integrity, Safety, Accountability and Teamwork in everything they do. Sometimes the heroic moments come when you least expect it. 

Just recently, a group of Palmetto Electric linemen witnessed a car accident while on the way to a job site.  They stopped their truck, assisted the injured gentleman by performing first aid and waited with him until emergency services arrived.  If this doesn’t describe heroes, I don’t know what does. 

More than fifty lineworkers maintain over 3,300 miles of line in Palmetto Electric’s service territory.  While we depend on our entire staff to keep things running smoothly at Palmetto Electric, we set aside some time each April to give our lineworkers the special recognition they deserve.

This year, National Lineworker/Lineman Day will be celebrated on April 13.  I hope you will join me in thanking the many lineworkers, or “heroes beneath the helmets,” that provide light for our lives in more ways than one.  Our communities are better and brighter because of them. 

(left-right): Palmetto Electric linemen, Philip Holloway, Joey Zaborowski and Chris Bunton provided aid to an injured motorist after a vehicle crash in December.


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