As Palmetto Electric’s mission clearly states, we are committed to delivering reliable energy and innovative related services to our members. In order to do this, we continue to make improvements and additions to our electrical system as the need arises.

On December 18, 2018, a new distribution substation was energized in Jasper County. Distribution substations are designed to safely transfer electricity from transmission lines to the distribution lines serving our members’ homes and businesses.  The Tillman substation, located off Floyd Road in Jasper County, has been a future plan of Palmetto Electric’s since the property was acquired in the early 2000s.  During normal operating conditions, the Tillman substation will serve members from the West side of Ridgeland to the Purrysburg area of Hardeeville.

This is Palmetto Electric’s 24th distribution substation and like all others across our system, it includes modern technologies that allow for remote control and data acquisition, automated meter-reading and fiber-optic connectivity.  These innovative qualities allow us to serve you, our members, more efficiently.  This substation should improve reliability in the areas it serves by reducing the number of blinks and sustained outages experienced. It will also reduce the size and length of outages, should they occur.

Preparing for the future is always a top priority when designing projects such as this. Not only is the Tillman substation capable of supporting future growth in Jasper County, but it also ties in with other existing substations and can support members on those stations, should the need arise.

As time goes by, we are proud to continue making the necessary upgrades to our system, in order to best serve you now and into the future.

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