It’s your data, we protect it

These days, our privacy seems to be in a constant state of risk. At best, we’re recipients of unwanted phone calls, e-mails, and mailbox solicitations. At worst, we can fall victim to scam artists and identity thieves.

As a member of Palmetto Electric Cooperative, you have trusted us with personal information—such as your mailing address, phone numbers, and e-mail—that would be valuable to marketers and bad actors. It is our responsibility to guard that information so that they don’t gain access to it.

Co-op confidential

As your electric cooperative, we are more interested in protecting your data than profiting from it. That’s why we do not:

· Allow third parties access to your phone numbers or email addresses for solicitation purposes. 

· Disclose your account information to anyone not named on your account without your permission. 

We only use your mailing address to send your monthly bill, South Carolina Living magazine, cooperative communications and information about cooperative programs.

Knowledge is security

While hackers and identity thieves operate in the shadows, scam artists contact you directly. They often pretend to be a representative of Palmetto Electric, threatening disconnection of your service if you don’t immediately pay using a specific method. The best defense against this kind of scam is knowing that your cooperative does not operate this way.

We do our best to let you know about recent and active scams in our area so that you don’t fall victim to them. If you are unsure about any communications from us, contact us at 1-800-922-5551 to confirm.

Your data belongs to you. No one has the right to share it or sell it, much less steal it.  As your cooperative, we have the responsibility to help protect it.

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