Legislative Issues

Supreme Court Puts Hold on EPA Clean Power Plan
(Feb. 10, 2016)

Electric cooperatives said they welcome the U.S. Supreme Court’s Feb. 9 decision to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan until all legal challenges to it are resolved.

Under the 5-4 order, the Clean Power Plan is on hold until the Supreme Court either takes up the case and issues a final decision, or denies a request to hear an appeal. That means a final resolution might not come until 2017. A federal  appeals court is scheduled to take up arguments on the case in June.


New rules for water heaters

Unless Congress or the DOE chooses to amend them, the new standards—scheduled to go into effect April 2015—will effectively ban production of traditional electric-resistance water heaters holding 55 gallons or more. As written, the regulations will limit your choices and almost certainly drive up your replacement costs, says Keith Dennis, an energy-efficiency expert with the National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association (NRECA).

Update April 21, 2015
Update: April 30, 2015



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