Lights Out For Sea Turtles

loggerhead (1)Palmetto Electric supports Lights Out For Sea Turtles, a program designed to protect the nesting areas for the loggerhead sea turtles. Already facing extinction, the species is further endangered by the bright lights of civilization. Sea turtle hatchlings usually emerge from the nest at night. They orient themselves toward the brightest horizon and dash towards the sea. Lights from buildings and streets near the beach disorient the hatchlings, and they wander inland where they often die from exposure or predators. If they don’t make it to the ocean quickly, many hatchlings will die of dehydration in the sun or be caught by predators like birds and crabs. Palmetto Electric supports the efforts of Sea Turtle Patrol Hilton Head Island and the Town of Hilton Head by shielding lights and installing directional lighting.

To learn more about the sea turtle nesting season on Hilton Head, visit:
Sea Turtle Patrol Hilton Head Island 
(843) 338-2716

To learn more about environmental education programs, visit:
The Coastal Discovery MuseumlogoCDM (1)
Adopt-a-Nest Program
(843) 689-6767

To report strandings:
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
General Information – (843) 795-6350
Wildlife Hotline – 1-800-922-5431