Co-op awards 55 teachers $48,810 in grants

The Palmetto Electric Trust and Palmetto Electric Cooperative offers Bright Ideas, a grant program that provides funding for innovative classroom-based education projects. Since Palmetto Electric launched the program in 2004, area teachers in Hampton, Jasper and southern Beaufort counties have received over $550,000 in grants.

The Bright Ideas Prize Team celebrated the 15th anniversary of Bright Ideas by surprising local teachers in their classrooms November 4-7, with big checks and gift bags. This year, 55 grants totaling $48,810 was awarded to teachers for their innovative classroom projects. Our 2019 winners include:


  • Bluffton High School—$890, Jesse Mignogna.
  • Bluffton Middle School—$500, Heidi McAllister; $785, Adam McCormick.
  • Cross School—$965, Heather Brougham-Cook; $970, Michelle Bueso; $655, Amanda Kropiewnicki.
  • Hilton Head Elementary School for the Creative Arts— $265, Jennifer Friend-Kerr.
  • Hilton Head Island Elementary School—$460, Denise Bell; $1,000, Paula Greab; $300, John Slaughter; $580, Julieann Swan.
  • Hilton Head Island High School—$1,000, Matthew Pheiffer; $1,000, John Quindlen; $1,000, Robert Stine.
  • Hilton Head Island Middle School—$760, Sarah Warner.
  • Hilton Head Preparatory School—$775, Louise Goodman; $1,000, Catherine Klimoff; $510, Bethany Battig Ramseur.
  • May River Montessori—$865, Kara Ferrebee; $1,000, Sari Kandel.
  • Michael C. Riley Elementary School—$405, Jill Exley.
  • Saint Gregory the Great Catholic School—$1,000, Barbara Pittman.
  • Sea Pines Montessori Academy—$600, John Dogger.


  • Ben Hazel Primary School—$1,000, Jessica Deloach.
  • Estill Middle/High School— $1,000, Dr. Quin Rawls.
  • Hampton Elementary School— $1,000, Chinon Conder; $1,000, Kimberly Mathis.
  • North District Middle School—$1,000, Ileana Voina.
  • Patrick Henry Academy—$1,000, Susan Mikell.
  • Varnville Elementary School—$740, Kelyne Buxton; $1,000, Amy Murdaugh.
  • Wade Hampton High School—$970, Melonee G. Mattie; $920, Gangadhar Padigela; $1,000, Heather Skinner.


  • Hardeeville Elementary School—$1,000, Hedy Frazier; $1,000, Gabriela Ion.
  • Hardeeville/Ridgeland Middle School—$1,000, Susan Heid; $1,000, Michele Oros; $970, Christina Randall; $1,000, Ingrid Scott.
  • Ridgeland Elementary School—$1,000, Kenneth Fisher.
  • Royal Live Oaks Academy—$1,000, Roxane Adesso; $975, Anne Brown; $1,000, William Cameron; $1,000, Barbara Dixon; $1,000, Gregg Dixon; $1,000, Kodwo Glenn Dowell; $1,000, Marvele Eason; $1,000, Jordin Harvey; $950, Robert Parkes; $1,000, Robert Pope; $1,000, Althea Wigfall; $1,000 Nohora Williams.
  • Step of Faith Christian Academy—$1,000, Rhonda Stones.
  • Thomas Heyward Academy—$1,000, Sherry Carroll.

Thank you to all our members who round their electric bill up to the nearest whole dollar each month. Bright Ideas is another example of how small change changes lives!

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