Operation Round Up- FAQ

A Few Commonly Asked Questions

How do co-ops and other organizations interested in adopting Operation Round Up obtain permission to utilize the program?

Co-ops adopting the program should request permission in writing from Palmetto Electric Cooperative indicating that the program will be utilized for charitable purposes. Once permission has been granted, a license will be mailed to the participating cooperative and should be completed and returned to Palmetto Electric Cooperative.

How much lead time is necessary in order to implement the Operation Round Up program?

Generally, six months is sufficient in order to begin preparation and implementation of the Operation Round Up program. It is suggested that once notification has been made to co-op customers, a full 30 days be allowed in order for members to indicate their decision not to participate.

What is the best time of year to implement Operation Round Up?

While this may vary from co-op to co-op, it is our opinion that the fall or spring months are the best time to implement Operation Round Up. Palmetto Electric Cooperative elected to implement our program during the month of November.

If a co-op adopts Operation Round Up, are they required to adopt the bylaws of Palmetto Electric Trust?

No. Each co-op has the right to adopt bylaws based on their individual needs and preferences. The only requirement is that no Operation Round Up funds may be used for political contributions.

How is a Trust Board selected?

The Trust Board is selected by the Cooperative Board. Each Cooperative Board member selects a Trust Board member from the same geographic area that the Cooperative Board member represents.

Join The Operation Round Up Team

Since we first began in 1989, the Operation Round Up program has been adopted by cooperatives from across the nation. If you would like to join the Operation Round Up team, simply write to Palmetto Electric at 1 Cooperative Way, Hardeeville SC 29927, attn: President’s Office, for permission to use the Registered Trademark Operation Round Up. To qualify, we require only that your board approves the program, that you complete an agreement form, and that no funds be used for political purposes. How you choose to promote the program and distribute collected funds is entirely at the discretion of your organization.

For additional information, call Palmetto Electric at 1-800-922-5551 or e-mail us at Operation Round Up .