In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Palmetto Electric would like to caution officials and residents during the clean-up process. Transformers (i.e. green boxes), switch gear and underground equipment are vulnerable to damage due to the large amounts of debris pile-up and removal. Our equipment is located in side yards and near roads.  Please alert contractors and clean-up crews to be very careful not to damage or dig-up utility infrastructure.  As outdoor work continues, it is important to have respect for the power infrastructure.

  • Keep all items, such as ladders and bucket trucks, away from overhead power lines.
  • If your power lines are underground, do not begin digging or removing stumps without calling Palmetto Utility Protection Services at This service will tell you where underground lines are located, so residents or contractors can dig safely.
  • Do not re-plant trees or shrubbery or put any obstructions within 10 feet of green transformer boxes or beneath overhead lines.

If you have any questions regarding this request, please contact us.

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