PICTURING A HOLE-IN-ONE WINNER. Could this be the year we see a finalist in our annual Million Dollar Hole-In-One Shootout actually make a hole-in-one?

A PICTURE is worth a thousand words, the saying goes. Well, there’s one photo I’d love to see: A finalist in our annual Million Dollar Hole-In-One Shootout actually making a hole-in-one!

It could happen, and if it does, we’ll have photographers on hand to capture the moment — maybe even a student photographer from Heather Skinner’s class at Wade Hampton High School.

Why her students?

It would only be fitting: Your co-op and the Palmetto Electric Trust cosponsor the Shootout to benefit Bright Ideas, a grant program to fund innovative classroom-based education projects that fall outside normal school funding. Mrs. Skinner’s project, Picture Me a Professional, was among our 2015 grant winners.

Bright Ideas WHHS 2015
Heather Skinner (center) and Wade Hampton HS Principal Bonnie Wilson accept a 2015 Bright Ideas grant from Palmetto Electric’s Tray Hunter.

The $850 Mrs. Skinner received paid for a Nikon camera and other equipment, plus Photoshop software, for her students to use in producing Wade Hampton’s online digital school newspaper – including, she notes, covering athletic events. In previous years, Mrs. Skinner earned grants that helped get the digital newspaper website up, and for Nextbooks to give students hands-on experience shooting and editing videos.

Mrs. Skinner tells us she couldn’t have done it without Bright Ideas. “I really have relied on the funds to make these sorts of technology operations happen for the kids,” she says. “It’s just nice to have that outlet because sometimes we get wrapped up in the textbook-type teaching and we forget how important it is to give the students real-world experiences.

Bright_IdeasThose (Bright Ideas grants) have been really helpful continuously over the years.”

Not just helpful to Mrs. Skinner either. Since 2004, we have awarded 488 Bright Ideas totaling $364,345.

We’re now accepting applications for 2016 Bright Ideas grants. Teachers in grades K–12 from schools in our three-county service area can apply. If you have any questions about Bright Ideas or application procedures, contact your local Palmetto Electric office or e-mail us at BrightIdeas@palmetto.coop.

We salute the innovative teachers who help students picture themselves as working professionals, contributing not only to their personal success but also to a better, brighter world. And here’s hoping that a golfer makes the million-dollar shot – and that a young, aspiring photojournalist “gets the shot,” too.

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