Save Energy & Money

The challenge to meet America’s growing energy needs requires use of a variety of fuels to generate electricity. Energy efficiency is being called the “fifth fuel,” joining coal, natural gas, nuclear and renewables in the mix. The point is, by conserving energy, we won’t need to produce as much.
Palmetto Electric helps its members use energy wisely. In many ways, the “fifth fuel” is something we all, as energy consumers, must elect to use. Fortunately, we can fuel up on “energy efficiency” easily. It’s as easy as reaching for the off switch on appliances, lights, and electronic devices that are not in use. Saving energy doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming and this section offers some good examples. Use the menu on the right to review energy-saving programs offered by Palmetto Electric. Also, you will find energy-saving tips that are appropriate for every season of the year. Of course, if you have any questions about how to make your home or business more energy efficient, please contact us.

Beat the Peak
Beat the Peak is a free and voluntary effort to help control energy costs for all cooperative members.
H2O Select®
The H2O Select water heater program offers hot water when you need it, and saves electricity by operating only during off-peak hours.
Dual-Fuel Heat Pump
Residential Rebate Application & Qualification Standards
Get The Facts About Tankless Water Heaters
Fact or Fiction? The Facts About Tankless Water Heaters
Buried Treasure®
Palmetto Electric’s Buried Treasure program offers information and rebates for installing a “ground source heat pump.”
Understanding Your Home’s Energy Consumption
Answers to frequently asked questions about your homes’s energy consumption.
Energy-Saving Measures®
We have compiled an extensive list of low cost/no cost energy-saving measures to help you better manage your home’s energy costs.
Take the Home Tour and see what you can save through energy saving practices.
Touchstone Energy Home®
This program is designed to advise consumers who are building a new home on ways to reduce their home energy costs and to increase their level of home comfort and performance.