Surge Guard®

surgeguard_offer_smTo help reduce problems associated with electrical power surges, Palmetto Electric offers affordable, effective protection through its Surge Guard program.

How Surge Guard Can Help To Protect Your Equipment:
Surge Guard is a multi-layer system designed to help prevent power surges from damaging your appliances and electronics. The first layer utilizes heavy duty primary SPDs (surge protection devices) at entrance point of the electric, phone and cable TV lines. Next, point-of-use SPDs add more protection right where you plug-in your valuable electronics. Finally, UPS systems provide temporary backup power for critical applications. Surge Guard FAQs

While Surge Guard offers some of the most affordable and effective surge protection available, under no circumstances can we guarantee performance against a direct or nearby lightning strike.

Surge Guard Offers Three Layers of Surge Protection:

Meter Base Protection (MB-SPD): We provide and install a first stage “Surge Protection Device” SPD at the electric meter connection point. This device is available for a $5.95 monthly charge added to your electric bill. A three-year commitment is required. See Surge Guard Order Form / Participation Agreement for details.

Grounding: We will inspect for proper grounding (an important part of surge protection) at your service entrance, and then we’ll make adjustments as needed to improve the grounding system performance.  This service is included with the MB-SPD.

Communication Protection: Phone, internet or cable TV lines can also become paths for power surges.  We can install surge protection devices on these lines at the connection point near the electric meter. When you purchase our communication combo installation package, it includes SPDs installed to protect one phone lines, one internet line and one cable line.

  • Point-of-Use Surge Protection Secondary protection for valuable electronics

Point–of-Use: We have available many different kinds of plug-in surge protection devices that you can buy to use inside your home or business.  Plug-in units have multiple outlets and connections that can provide an additional layer of surge protection.   Surge Guard Product Sheet

  •  Uninterruptible Power Supply- UPS Temporary power for critical applications

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): UPS systems help prevent inconvenience and down time due to power blinks and outages by providing backup battery power to critical electronic equipment such as computers and network servers.

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Surge Guard Order Form / Participation Agreement
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