Touchstone Energy Home FAQs

The Following are some questions about the Touchstone Energy Home Program and how it can work for you.

Building a new home is stressful enough. Why should I use the Touchstone Energy Home program when I have so many other things to worry about?

The Touchstone Energy Home program will offer consumers peace-of-mind when building a new home. The Energy Experts® of Palmetto Electric will work with builders to help meet energy-efficiency standards in your home.

Do I get the information about energy-efficiency and pass it on to my builder?

No. Just make sure your builder knows you want a Touchstone Energy Home and your Palmetto Electric Energy Expert will work with them to meet the program recommendations and requirements.

My builder is pretty independent. How will he feel about Palmetto Electric making recommendations?

The Touchstone Energy Home program is a way for builders to work hand in hand with experts in energy-efficiency. All homebuilders want new homeowners to have the best product possible. Palmetto Electric also wants that for our members. Working together, we can get that done.

Why would I want my home to have the Touchstone Energy Home certification? What makes it so special?

The Touchstone Energy Home program is a national approach to energy efficiency and home comfort. Homes that are given this certification are recognized as an extremely valued brand of home.

So you’re saying that having a Touchstone Energy Home will increase the resale value of my home?

Having a Touchstone Energy Home can possibly help the resale value of your home, but the benefits do not end there. Having an energy-efficient home is a savings in and of itself. Our Energy Experts will check to see that your home is properly insulated so heat and air won’t escape out the roof, walls, or floors. The Touchstone Energy Home program ensures that your home is equipped with the properly sized air-conditioner and heating system. In addition, your home will be inspected to ensure that all recommended energy-efficiency standards have been met.

Who is offering this program?

This program is being offered by Palmetto Electric, your local electric cooperative. It’s just one more way that we’re delivering the Touchstone Energy values of accountability, integrity, innovation and commitment to community.

If this program saves me money on energy bills, then why would my electric co-op offer it?

The Touchstone Energy Home program is just part of the Touchstone values that customers count on in all the programs and services we offer. Our members (customers) are our owners. We have always been your Energy Experts and we’re proud to offer the Touchstone Energy Home program as another example of the value-added service we give to members.