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A. Berl Davis, Jr., President & CEO


Thankful to serve you
Customer – make that, member – satisfaction at highest level ever

Palmetto Electric Cooperative has scored 91 in customer satisfaction, topping a previous co-op record of 90 established last year, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

Your cooperative is in the top one percent of all ACSI-participating co-ops nationwide. Once again, our employees have demonstrated their dedication to providing excellent service to Palmetto’s member-owners. This score reflects how privileged we all feel to serve you, our valued members.

The ACSI is designed to provide a continuous update of residential consumer evaluations of energy utilities. Surveys of Palmetto Electric members are conducted over the phone by an independent, outside organization.

Now, while the ACSI is about “customer satisfaction,” we think of it more as about “member satisfaction.” That is, we do not view you as mere customers. You are more than that: You are member-owners of Palmetto Electric Cooperative. We’re proud of our heritage as a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative and hope you are, too.

And, in a co-op, the word “member” really does mean something. While many businesses — places like Sam’s Club or Costco and even American Express — like to refer to their customers as members, their “members” just pay a fee to buy their goods and services. That’s really all you get for the “membership.” No right to vote for your peers to represent you on the board, or right to participate in any meaningful way in the organization, like you get at our annual meeting.

In cooperatives like Palmetto Electric, membership really does mean something more than just the right to buy electricity. Since co-ops are solely owned by people in the communities they serve, they have a mutual interest to ensure that both co-op and members do well and prosper. For more than 77 years, Palmetto members have been a force for progress and positive change locally. We think that highly of you!

So, Palmetto strives to give you the best value of any utility. If we succeed, our community thrives and you will always value being a member – not just a customer.

On behalf of all Palmetto Electric Cooperative employees, I thank you for the privilege to serve you. Along with your Board of Directors, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!




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