SUMMER’S HERE and the time is right to Beat the Peak. Members of Palmetto Electric Cooperative can help.

Beat the Peak is a free and voluntary effort to help control energy costs for all cooperative members. And now is the time for all good members to get involved. “We’re approaching peak cooling season, so together, our participating Beat the Peak members can make a real difference,” says co-op VP, Marketing & Public Relations Tray Hunter.

Through Beat the Peak, co-op members receive alerts asking them to reduce their energy use during critical periods when wholesale electricity prices spike, known in the utility industry as “peak demand.” In the summertime, when air-conditioning use rises, that’s in the afternoon.

On the website EnergySmartSC.org, members can sign up to receive Beat the Peak alerts by text message, email or phone call.

During a Beat the Peak period, which typically lasts a few hours, participating members will be encouraged to reduce use of power-intensive activities. These are a few of the actions members can take during cooling season:

  • Adjust thermostats higher by 3 degrees during summer afternoons and evenings
  • Delay activities that require hot water, such as washing clothes, taking showers, or washing dishes
  • Postpone using heavy appliances, like clothes dryers and ovens.

“We are not asking our members to totally stop using certain appliances,” Hunter notes. “We want to get them to shift their use to different hours of the day to help hold down everyone’s costs.”

In addition to Beat the Peak, Palmetto Electric Cooperative offers the H2O Select water heater program, with incentives to help save electricity by operating only during off-peak hours. Learn more about saving energy.


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