WYT Chaperones


Two South Carolina high school teachers will be selected to join high school juniors from across South Carolina on the Washington Youth Tour.

The Youth Tour is an all-expenses paid trip to our nation’s capital with 1,800 high school juniors from across the country.

To apply to be a chaperone, you must be a current high school teacher or guidance counselor.  If you are selected, South Carolina’s electric co-ops will pay for your transportation, hotel room, exhibit admissions, and three meals per day for the week-long trip.

Chaperoning our Youth Tour inspires Bluffton art teacher

Anne Carr at White HouseAnne Carr (left), an art/art history teacher at Bluffton High School, was one of two educators who served as a chaperones on the 2014 Washington Youth Tour.

THERE WERE SEVERAL PLACES on the Washington Youth Tour that touched my spirit and reminded me how blessed I am. Not only for being selected to go on this trip, but to live in this great country. Taking the time to go see and listen again to the stories of our country’s first centuries, I was reminded of who I am as a blessed American.
Our schedule was fast and furious, so we hurriedly were trying to soak in the sights and the messages/quotes that were inscribed everywhere. (Thank goodness for cameras with large SD cards!) We were all in awe of our forefathers’ vision and mission.
Capitol Hill was an eye opener. I was finally seeing the magnificent structures there. They are American palaces constructed with the finest materials and craftsmanship. The people we had to memorize in school walked through these places or breathed in many of these rooms! This rotunda will one day be a virtual reality program for our students. It was magnificent and beautiful. I felt like a princess as much as a pauper in disguise as we toured the Capitol.
I can’t thank the electric cooperatives enough for sponsoring this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rising 12th graders and a couple of teachers to go as chaperones. It has changed my life for the better. Not only has it reminded me of my responsibility as a citizen, made an impact on my spiritual growth, but it’s also shaped me as an educator. I am an art teacher, so I will share my photographs and firsthand descriptions of these spectacular monuments. This will help them to make connections to their history classes. It will help me shape my lesson plans for my sculpture students. I’m also going to write my congressman in the future. Teachers, like parents—and Youth Tour participants—will never know how far their influence will reach.

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Washington Youth Tour

Application Deadline has expired.

NRECA’s Youth Tour

Questions: Call Van O’Cain at (803) 739-3048 or e-mail van.ocain@ecsc.org


  • Experience Washington, D.C. as a participating chaperone for this year’s Youth Tour.
  • The South Carolina Electric Cooperatives will pay for your transportation, hotel room, exhibit admissions, and three meals per day for the week-long trip.

The Youth Tour

  • Rewards students for academic achievement and community leadership;
  • Educates students about the role of electric co-ops in the national economy;
  • Fosters students’ appreciation for the democratic form of government;
  • Exposes students to the sights and sounds of our nation’s heritage; and
  • Builds students’ leadership skills so that they may make a difference in their communities.