Your Reward For Discovering Buried Treasure

To help you finance this wise energy investment, Palmetto Electric is offering Buried Treasure rebates. Rebates of $200 per ton (up to $1,000 per household) are available and are offered to cooperative members who install qualified systems.

How To Cash In On Buried Treasure

  • Contact your local Palmetto Electric office and ask to speak to a Buried Treasure representative. Palmetto Electric will help you determine the best ground source heating and cooling option and system size for your home.
  • Contact a licensed heat pump contractor to install your ground source heat pump. Your heat pump must meet all local codes and must meet Palmetto Electric’s recommendations and installation requirements.
  • Complete the Buried Treasure Rebate Form with your heat pump contractor and return it to Palmetto prior to the installation of your new system.
  • Notify Palmetto Electric after the ground source unit is installed. We will then arrange a final inspection of your system.
  • Cash the rebate check we send you and enjoy the benefits of Buried Treasure for years to come.

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Call the office nearest you for more information on Buried Treasure
Hampton: (803) 943-2211
Hilton Head: (843) 681-5551
New River: (843) 208-5551
Ridgeland: (843) 726-5551
Toll-free: 1-800-922-5551