Illuma Knight

illumaknightOutdoor Lighting

Palmetto Electric offers a broad selection of outdoor lights for most lighting applications. From decorative residential lighting to commercial areas, IllumaKnight® can provide comprehensive solutions for the complex lighting applications.

Choose from a selection of fixtures to enhance the quality and prestige of parking areas, as well as pedestrian walkways. IllumaKnight will create an attractive and inviting environment, provide safety for residents, visitors and customers, while adding sophistication to your storefront or business.

We also provide our customers with free layout and design of new lighting projects as well as revising existing locations. For professional assistance with your outdoor lighting designs or inquiries of our IllumaKnight fixtures, call 843-208-5551 or 1-800-922-5551.

Outdoor Lighting FAQs

How will I be billed?
Palmetto Electric can add a fixed charge to your current monthly electric bill or we can create an outdoor light account separate from your commercial or residential account.

I reported maintenance for an outdoor light. When should I expect it to be repaired?
When an outdoor light outage is reported, our crews normally repair a fixture within two (2) business days after we have been notified. However, inclement weather or unforeseen conditions may delay our repair effort.

Will I have to pay for installation?
In most cases there is no required fee for outdoor light installation.

For more information on Illuma Knight, contact our engineering department at (843) 208-5551.