Storm Safety

Being prepared can help you and your family minimize the impact of storms.  The best way to start is before the threat is imminent.

  • Have an emergency plan and review it with your family.  Everyone needs to know the safest place in your home and how you will contact each other.  Don’t forget to have a plan for your pets.
  • Make sure your co-op has your correct contact information.  You also need to keep insurance and other important documents in a safe place. 
  • Put together a survival kit.  Have enough supplies such as non-perishable food, bottled water, batteries, battery operated flashlight and radio, first-aid kit, pet food, can opener and medicines to be self sufficient. 
  • Use surge protectors on appliances and electronics.  Have a system installed, like PEC’s Meter-Based Surge Guard Protection package, to help safeguard your home. 
  • Keep your landscape free of debris.  Remove threatening objects that could become projectiles.  Prune your plants and trim your trees of dead limbs.